VISION VST 800 - 2000 VA


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Vision VST 800 – 2000 VA FEATURES • ECO LINE product • EnergyShare socket • Surge protected sockets for powering larger absorption loads such as laser printers • Ability to switch on the UPS without a mains power supply (Cold Start) • User replaceable batteries (Battery Swap) • USB Interface and RS232 • Slot for communication boards • Maximum reliability and protection of PCs and file serversrunning PowerShield3 supervision and shutdownsoftware, downloadable free from • Fully configurable using UPS Tools configuration software • High reliability (automatic and manually activated battery test) • Short circuit proctection • Auto restart (when mains power is restored, after battery discharge) • GS/Nemko Safety mark


The Vision range, with its advanced communications and connectivity options, is the ideal solution for installations requiring superior protection and versatility in the power supply system. Vision is the ideal solution for the protection of peripheral network devices, servers, and network backup systems.


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