About us

Arbul 8 is a fast developing company in the field of uninterruptible power supplies. Founded in 2009 by specialists with long experience in the use of emergency and uninterruptible power systems, the company is official importer, distributor and service provider of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) produced by Riello UPS. We value the time, the opinion and the decision of each client. We use the most modern technologies; we maintain exceptionally high level of professionalism in our team. We consider every one of our customers as a long-time business partner.

We offer!

Our goals are to offer high quality products and to satisfy our customers’ demands and needs. And to achieve this, our partnerships are based on professionalism, honesty and loyalty in relationships, commitment to client needs and last but not least - the reliability of care provided by our own products.

Our offer includes a wide range of the latest uninterruptible power supplies /UPS/ and diesel generators. We rely on global standards. Furthermorewe make constant efforts to maintain the highest level of service, sales and after sales activities. This ensures that our business keeps environmentally engaged and efficient. Arbul 8 has a specialized service, a team of selected professionals with extensive experience in the installation, use and maintenance of emergency and uninterruptible power devices. With our highly qualified staff we can guarantee a competent customers service. Of great advantage of Arbul 8 is the excellent cooperation with our partners and producers.